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Holt Family

I am a little behind on posting my sessions. This time of year is CRAZY! I am so excited to share these pictures I was so looking forward to taking the Holt families pictures again. I took them a few years ago and they have all changed so much. This family is truly one of the most fun families, and not to mention most beautiful families, I know. This session was so fun and these pictures make me smile! ...continue reading

5 under 6

One of my mini sessions a few weeks ago was my cute friend Samantha's darling boys and their 2 cousins. 5 sweet little kids under the age of 6. They were all adorable and dressed like they came straight out of a Nordstrom catalog. Me and all of the parents and help that were there had our work cut out for us because these darling kids were full of energy and just when we got one to sit down for a few seconds another one would take off. It would have been very entertaining for an onlooker if they ...continue reading

David Henriques

I just love going up to Knights Ferry for my sessions.  Their are endless possibilities as far as places to take pictures go.  I love it up there, it is gorgeous!  The only thing that still freaks me out is the possibility of still seeing tarantulas which I have been told come out around this time of year.  Not a fan! So I am about to upload crazy amounts of pictures of one very good looking guy!  Thanks David and Dianna for a fabulous evening!:) ...continue reading

Little Miss Sophie

I have been looking forward to taking Sophie's pictures for a while now!  This session was about 10 mn long.  Yes 10 minutes crazy I know.  She was so cute and made it super easy to get some darling pictures of her!  We love Sophie so much, she is such a little sweet heart! ...continue reading

Beautiful Location, Gorgeous Maci!

I seriously have the best job EVER! It is so fun for me to go hang out with such awesome highshool seniors! Maci was so much fun, along with her super sweet family and it made for such a fun session! I was in heaven with her amazing set up at her house! These pictures were taken at her home and around their property. GORGEOUS! I may have to bribe them to let me come back for more sessions! Feast your eyes on beautiful Maci's senior pics!:) ...continue reading