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I have to say that there aren't many things prettier to me then the almond trees during their time of bloom.  My favorite thing is when the sun is just about to go down and it reflects this warm, glow onto the beautiful almond trees.  It is something I could just sit and stare at for hours. I needed a few models to pose for me wearing some of the Persnickety clothes that were being auctioned off in the Fishes online auction.  Maddie is 12 years old and she is such a sweet girl.  She was a ...continue reading

Auction Winners

I can't say thank you enough for all of the amazing support I received for this auction.  In getting this all together I found so many people to be so generous and sweet in wanting to do anything and everything they could to help little Natalie and Alice and their family.  I was touched beyond words and can't express how grateful I am for such giving people.  This includes all of the people and vendors that donated this list of awesome items below, everyone of you who took the time to bid on ...continue reading

Auction List

This is a list of all the items on the auction for the Fishes which is live on my home page. This way you can see the pictures a little better and check out everything that is available on the auction list. Check it out and then go place your bid HERE   The "Special Occasion" Sequin BowAqua and Orange Room CollectionMisty Ballard Photography Session Swanky Baby Vintage Gift CertificateWhite Lace Star Flower Headband The Album Cafe, Gift Certificate The Album Cafe, Gift ...continue reading