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Welcome to my world of Photography. I am so excited to be starting this journey! I have such a passion for the fine arts, I think it all began with my love for doing hair and makeup. I love designing, creating, decorating and making people feel better about themselves. Photography for me incorporates all of these things and I truly love it. I love learning more and more every time I pick up my camera. I am looking forward to where this new found love will take me!


  1. Hi Tami G,I am just starting my journey with photography ! my husband bought me my camera 3 yrs ago this passion has always been riding and showing quarter horses. I still love the horses and always will. but I have a new passion and love for photography. Like you I learn more every time I pick my camera up. your photo shoots are beautiful. our good friend shelli had you do her seinior pics for her. they are very beautiful I have enjoyed looking at your web site. I would love to learn more about portrait photography if you would concider talking to me I am so eager to learn. I will look forward to hearing from you!

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