Lindsey and Ryan

I have known Lindsey's family for a few years now and I have had the privilege of taking a handful of pictures for them.  Their whole family is BEAUTIFUL inside and out!  I was so excited to do a few pictures for Lindsey and Ryan for their save the date announcments.   I log how they turned out! ...continue reading

Garguile Family

One of my most favorite times of year are when the almond trees are in blossom.  It is so sad to me that they are only around for 2 weeks, they are so gorgeous and I only wish we could enjoy them longer.  I love taking pictures in the blossoms it is the closest thing we ever get to having snow around here.  When the blossoms cover the orchard floor it doesn't get much more beautiful than that!  The Garguile family got pictures in the orchard, in my opinion, at the perfect time.   It was so ...continue reading

Ahlander Family

I had the opportunity to take some pictures of my sister in law's family while they where visiting us. We only had about 20 mn to shoot because the light was fading fast. There are not many things I love more then taking pictures of a beautiful family at the most beautiful time of day. I love the golden, warm tones in these pictures and I love this family to death! ...continue reading

Holt Family

I am a little behind on posting my sessions. This time of year is CRAZY! I am so excited to share these pictures I was so looking forward to taking the Holt families pictures again. I took them a few years ago and they have all changed so much. This family is truly one of the most fun families, and not to mention most beautiful families, I know. This session was so fun and these pictures make me smile! ...continue reading

Walker Family

This darling family bid on a photography session with me and all the proceeds went to The Fish Family to help their little girls get their bone marrow transplants.  I was touched by the amount of money that the Walker Family was willing to give.  I know that the Fish Family is so very grateful!  In helping with the auction for the Fish Family my eyes were opened to how many good and giving people are out there.  People who sometimes don't even know the Fishes but when hearing their story were ...continue reading