7 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Pet

Pet owners often wonder how to take the best photos of their tailed companions using an amateur camera. If you have a pet, you probably want to have a lot of pictures with him. Today we are going to consider 7 useful tips that will help you take the best photos of your pet, even if you have some difficulties with "posing".

1. Consider the nature of a pet

When you decide to take pictures of a pet, do not forget about his own character. Knowing the specialties of your pet allows you to focus on his true individuality. As a result, you will get a unique spirit in each photo.

2. The atmosphere is also important

Another tip for great photos is a relaxed atmosphere. Taking photos of your pet in a comfort zone, you can avoid a number of problems that arise when an animal feels nervous or uncomfortable. Therefore, you should find a place that your pet loves.

3. Lighting

Try to avoid using the flash – it can scare your pet and cause the red-eye effect. If you still cannot do without a flash (there is no natural light or it is not adequate for taking photos), try  using the external flash or at least direct the light upwards so that it does not fall on the snout (and especially eyes) of the pet.

4. Let the animal get used to the camera

Let your pet become familiar with the sounds and flash of the camera before you take pictures. Have a little stroll, and during this time, take a few photos of the ambient environment so that a dog or cat can get used to the strange sounds and so on. Also, let your pet sniff the camera! When you take pictures, award your pet with small treats and praise him for good work.

5. Pay attention to what is around

The background should be simple and minimalistic. A good example of a place for outdoor photography is a big glade with lush green grass. If you decide to take photos indoors, you should choose a well-lit room with light walls. Moreover, avoid strangers and various rubbish around. If it is difficult to find such a place, set on aperture to make the background out of focus.Walking with your pet is a good idea for dating a pretty girl who also has a pet.

6. Take photos at the eye level of your pet.

You will be able to get the best photos dropping a little down to look in the eyes of your pet. When you take pictures pointing the camera down, you get too detached photos without feeling the importance of the subject. Being on the level with your pet, you can take photos of from its perspective and not from the human one. Such effect looks much more attractive.

7. Come closer

Pets love when they are surrounded with attention. This rule works especially well during a photo shoot. Although nobody would mind seeing your dog entirely, people also like close-up pictures taken at different angles. Unusual angles of view and detail shots put emphasis upon small particularities of your pet, such as cute freckles around thread whiskers, wet shiny nose, or gentle pink pads on its feet.

8. Be patient and confident

Taking photos of your pet brings pleasure and a lot of positive emotions. But the most important thing is a fond memory that will not only be captured in the pictures but also remains in your memory for years to come. Relax and have fun while enjoying a good time with your faithful companion!

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