Lindsey and Ryan

I have known Lindsey's family for a few years now and I have had the privilege of taking a handful of pictures for them.  Their whole family is BEAUTIFUL inside and out!  I was so excited to do a few pictures for Lindsey and Ryan for their save the date announcments.   I log how they turned out! ...continue reading

Christmas in July

I guess thats what you get when you get so behind on your posts.  So here you go, a little Christmas cheer in the middle of summer.:) ...continue reading


Is it just me or are high school seniors just looking older and more beautiful/handsome as time goes by?  Monica was so fun to work with and I love the fall leaves in her pictures!  This is my favorite time of year to take pictures, I love all the warm, fall colors!! ...continue reading

Love these 3!

Tate and his little twin sisters Abby and Sophie are my little buddies!  I loved this shoot out at Del Osso pumpkin patch and hope to do another session there this year!  Thanks to Magpie Antiques for letting me borrow some props!  ...continue reading

The Haunted House

A while back I was driving down this road that I had not driven down in a long time and I noticed this huge abandoned house just right on the side of the road.  It seriously was a really creepy house and I made a mental note to go back there for a halloween photoshoot.  So here it is... my older girls were a little scared to get close to the house and even I was getting the chills a little. haha. ...continue reading