My Beautiful Ugly

Lately I have been really trying to challenge myself as a photographer and start shooting things that I don’t normally shoot.  I recently joined Clickin Mom’s, a forum for photographers and I thought it might be something that would inspire me and get me to grow as a photographer.  The first week I joined I found a challenge called Beautiful Ugly and right away I was intrigued.  The challenge was to shoot something that is normally viewed at as being ugly, unappealing or even repulsive.  We were suppose to capture it in a way that drew people in making it beautiful or interesting.  Almost immediately my mind went to the word “repulsive”.  I hope this image isn’t to disturbing for some of you.  A few months ago we were having a problem with Rats (they really like our dog’s food and our orange trees).  While my husband was outside cleaning up one of them I noticed this fly that was landing on the rat had the most beautiful colors.  (I really never thought I would say that about a fly!!)  I also notice the light that was falling on the rat was also really pretty.  So I thought I would go completely outside my box and take this shot.  If anyone knows me they know I really love animals and I hate the fact that my husband had to get rid of these rats.  I wish we could have just taken them all to a nice field were they could live happily ever after;).  Anyways this was very hard for me but I am glad I did it and tried to find the beauty in something as sad and ugly as this.

I entered my image and found out this week that my image was chosen for the editors choice award.  Pretty cool!:)

Sweet Lucia

I LOVE when I get to spend time with a sweet little newborn.  Lucia was such a sweet baby!  After her she got some milk in her tummy she was an angel!  I can’t believe my own baby is so much bigger already than this little 7lbs newborn.  It is so crazy how fast these babies grow in the first year.  I look forward to seeing Lucia for more pictures when she gets a little older to see how much she changes.  

Branch Family

A few weeks ago Toby and I took our kids to Disneyland.  We met my Brother, Jeremy his wife Anji and their four kids Afton, Ayden, Jack and Jordyn.  While we were there I did this session with them on the beach.  We shot this in exactly 1 hour because they were in a hurry to get on the road back home.  We were lucky to have great weather and light and I couldn’t have asked for a better looking family to take pictures of.  They are all just gorgeous!  Love you guys!!

Florence Family

For Mothers Day my friend, Kara, had me take pictures of her kids with all of their cousins for her mom for Mothers Day.  I have taken pictures of all these little cuties before and it was so fun having them all together for one big picture.  Little Liham is the newest member of their family and what a little cutie he is! Kara’s sister Andrea is the favorite aunt for sure and she wanted a picture with all of her nieces and nephews.  Seeing her with them really reminded me of how I used to be with all my nieces and nephews before I was married and had my own kids.  That was such a fun time for me and now they are all much too grown up!  


I feel like I haven’t posted forever!  I guess that’s what you get after having a baby.  Thats about to change, I have about 5 sessions I’m in the process of editing and will be posting soon.  I’m so excited about them all!!

Laura is absolutely beautiful!  She has the most natural beauty and it was so fun for me to capture these shots for her and her mom!:)