My Beautiful Ugly

Lately I have been really trying to challenge myself as a photographer and start shooting things that I don’t normally shoot.  I recently joined Clickin Mom’s, a forum for photographers and I thought it might be something that would inspire me and get me to grow as a photographer.  The first week I joined I found a challenge called Beautiful Ugly and right away I was intrigued.  The challenge was to shoot something that is normally viewed at as being ugly, unappealing or even repulsive.  We were suppose to capture it in a way that drew people in making it beautiful or interesting.  Almost immediately my mind went to the word “repulsive”.  I hope this image isn’t to disturbing for some of you.  A few months ago we were having a problem with Rats (they really like our dog’s food and our orange trees).  While my husband was outside cleaning up one of them I noticed this fly that was landing on the rat had the most beautiful colors.  (I really never thought I would say that about a fly!!)  I also notice the light that was falling on the rat was also really pretty.  So I thought I would go completely outside my box and take this shot.  If anyone knows me they know I really love animals and I hate the fact that my husband had to get rid of these rats.  I wish we could have just taken them all to a nice field were they could live happily ever after;).  Anyways this was very hard for me but I am glad I did it and tried to find the beauty in something as sad and ugly as this.

I entered my image and found out this week that my image was chosen for the editors choice award.  Pretty cool!:)

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