I just finished up a darling newborn session.  This little guy is simply adorable and I am in love with his hair!  As I am now approaching the time when I have my own little newborn this was my last session until she is here.  I also want to thank my friend Misty for lending me a huge hand during this shoot, with my big belly in the way this would have been difficult to do on my own.  Check out Misty Ballard Photography  she is awesome! ...continue reading


I love this little man and have never had such a sleepy, happy newborn. The one picture of Ryder crying is the only time he cried the whole session and it was for like one second. I am so happy for Misty and her family this boy is going to be one spoiled little guy because we all adore him! ...continue reading

He is here!!

Misty had her baby last week, yeah!! Ryder Patrick is the sweetest baby and I seriously can't get enough of him! I went to the hospital the day Misty had him to capture their family enjoying this little angel for the first time! Today we did Ryder's newborn pictures and he was absolutely perfect the whole time I got so many cute ones and I can't wait to share!!:) ...continue reading


A few weeks ago Misty invited me to a newborn session she had booked. Misty is about to have her baby and so I was happy to help her with this session since it isn't as easy for her to get up and down with the newborn. We always have a great time doing our newborn sessions together and it was a lot of fun! Little Camilla didn't sleep at all the whole 3 hours. She was darling though and so good so it was fun to take a few pictures of her!! ...continue reading

Clark and Cameron

I wanted to add a few more pictures from this session.  I loved editing these pictures because these boys have eyes that are to die for, editing was so fun!  I have been a little crazy busy lately but Im excited to share more from the sessions I have been shooting.  First things first, edit, edit, edit!:)) ...continue reading