One of my really good friends called me up and asked me if I had time to take some senior pictures of her niece who was visiting from Idaho. I of course was more than happy to do it and couldn't have had a better time with this beautiful girl. Vanessa is not only gorgeous but is incredibly smart and super fun to hang out with. I love these pictures and just think she is so beautiful! ...continue reading


I love it when my senior's book their location up at Knights Ferry. It is always so beautiful up there and I love the excuse to go up in the hills and enjoy the beauty and fresh air! Paige is such an awesome girl and I loved taking these pictures for her. I brought her sister Sydney to Knights Ferry a few years ago for her senior pictures and it was so awesome to be able to do paige's pictures in the same place even though Paige is actually graduating from college not high school. I love ...continue reading


Abbigail's senior pictures are some I have been looking forward to sharing. She is stunning and I always have such a great time with her and her Beautiful mom and sister Hailey, who's pictures I have also done before. Abbigail is such a darling girl with such a sweet personality. ...continue reading

David Henriques

I just love going up to Knights Ferry for my sessions.  Their are endless possibilities as far as places to take pictures go.  I love it up there, it is gorgeous!  The only thing that still freaks me out is the possibility of still seeing tarantulas which I have been told come out around this time of year.  Not a fan! So I am about to upload crazy amounts of pictures of one very good looking guy!  Thanks David and Dianna for a fabulous evening!:) ...continue reading

Beautiful Location, Gorgeous Maci!

I seriously have the best job EVER! It is so fun for me to go hang out with such awesome highshool seniors! Maci was so much fun, along with her super sweet family and it made for such a fun session! I was in heaven with her amazing set up at her house! These pictures were taken at her home and around their property. GORGEOUS! I may have to bribe them to let me come back for more sessions! Feast your eyes on beautiful Maci's senior pics!:) ...continue reading