How to Take Cool Photos While Traveling

It is time for the summer holidays and people brought from vacation not only souvenirs and local products but also many, many photos. And what a disappointment it is when it turns out that among this pile of photos, there are very few decent pictures. So we are going to discuss the main difficulties and problems of taking photos while traveling.

Time limit

Most tourists take pictures on excursions. In this case, they are limited by time and camera angles. Also, a large number of people in the excursion group who also want to take pictures of everything prevent you from taking high-quality photos. In this case, you get unremarkable and even faulty pictures. How to avoid this mistake? You should be a little behind the group, keeping it in view. Then you can take good photos.

Taking photos through the bus window

This is a great temptation to photograph something interesting from the bus window! However, if you take a photo through the glass, you will inevitably get reflections and flares on the photo, which are almost impossible to remove during processing. How not to make such a mistake? It's that simple – do not take photos through the glass. Moreover, as a rule, the purity of bus windows is very far from ideal. Therefore, you will not get a quality photo in any case.

Inattention to the camera settings

New impressions and emotions are so exciting that people forget about everything, reach out for the camera and start rattling off like a machine gun. At the same time, they even forget to check the shooting mode. As a result, the quality of the photos is much worse than it could be.

Another quite frequent case: people forget to turn off the flash and use it at all times and in all places: in the morning, in the evening, and in the bus to take a photo through the window. How not to get into such trouble? Make it a routine to control camera settings.

Evening photos without a tripod

If you are planning to take photos of the evening or night city, as well as dawn or dusk, buy a lightweight folding tripod. Without it, you cannot take high-quality photos. Of course, you can use the creative resources, for example, to put the camera on the railing. But in this case, there is a risk that it will accidentally fall down. Still, the tripod is safer.

JPEG photos

If you use the JPEG format, you should become a master in  setting the correct light exposure and white balance. Small misses in these parameters can still be corrected, but in case of a significant deviation (for example, a photo is too dark and the white balance is not correct), you will have to move the picture to the trash, as no processing can save it.

The importance of photo processing

Many people do not process their photos upon returning from vacation. But in the modern world, RAW development and photo processing in Photoshop is an essential procedure for obtaining good photos.

A RAW photo is a kind of digital negative that needs to be developed and processed. As a rule, it looks very dull and inconspicuous without proper processing. However, if the photo is taken correctly, you will be able to transform it in just a couple of minutes simply by enhancing colors and contrasts. As a result, the photo looks much better.

The prejudice that the RAW format is difficult to process and takes much space was relevant 10 years ago. Now, there are no problems with the capacity and cost of memory cards. Moreover, it is much easier to master the development of RAW, than, for example, a full-fledged work in Photoshop.

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