How to Take Good Dating Profile Pictures for Guys

If you have signed up for a dating site and you don't get enough attention, you need to take a closer look at your profile again. The first rule of successful online dating is your profile picture. It’s a user icon that determines how the world will see you.

After all, most girls look through guys' profiles automatically and stop only at those who caught their attention. Here are some tips on how to make an excellent photo for

Don’t Hide Your Face

Glasses are a stylish accessory, but take them off, taking a set of pictures for a dating site. Eye contact is important in dating, even when it comes to a photo. When your eyes are hidden behind the glasses, fewer people want to know you better.

Look at the Camera

People look more attractive when they have full-face pictures. On a subconscious level, an open pose is perceived as a sign of respect. It feels good when the person you are talking to in real life is completely turned toward you. If the pose is closed, you might think your opponent feels awkward while talking.

Pick Up the Background

Girls, looking for a serious relationship, evaluate your pose and appearance and the background. A pretty face isn't enough to get them interested. The photo should have a story behind it. The pictures on the beach, in the mountains, in a restaurant or club will tell potential brides your hobbies. Besides, it will be clear whether you have something in common with potential girlfriends and whether it's worth it to start dating at all.

Show Yourself

It's not just a stern look or chic beard that should be shown, but the full you. Pictures of men in full-length attract women. Photos in T-shirts where your hands are visible are also in demand among the girlish audience.

Pick Up Natural Poses

At the photo session, people expect only one moment — a click of the camera shutter. So, they tense up, don't blink, and hold their breath. They think if they control and tense every muscle, they'll come out better. That doesn't work for dating pictures. If you want to look great in your photos, imagine being filmed for the big screen. Then, you don't have to wait for the shutter to click. To look good for the movie, you need to breathe, blink, and feel good in front of the camera.

Be Confident

Ladies feel self-confidence in pictures. It is what attracts people, as everyone subconsciously wants to meet a self-sufficient person. Self-confident people always keep their backs straight. Their look is open, and their hands are often placed behind their head.

Pay Attention to Your Clothes

Women study in detail what the man is wearing in the photo. It does not have to be a tuxedo. You may wear a neat sweater or pullover. The main thing is neatness.

Avoid Photoshopping

Being embarrassed about their appearance, men often begin to edit their profile pictures. It started with retouching of red eyes, wrinkles, changing the shape of the nose, etc. Photoshop is easy to recognize, and girls will not trust you anymore.

Be Ready for a Photo Shoot in Advance

Of course, guys don't need to take as many accessories for the photoshoot as girls do. However, that doesn't mean that you have to put everything off till the last day. It would be good to make sure that your clothes and shoes are in order the day before the photo session. If suddenly there is a need to fix something, there is still time for that.

Dating profile pictures should reflect you in life. A cheerful person definitely attracts attention after the first glance at his photo. So, find and put only those photos that express your inner state of happiness.

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