Smart Family

I just have to brag a little here because I have the best location to take pictures during the fall and all I have to do is walk right out my front door.  My neighborhood is full of these gorgeous adult trees and when the leaves fall it is so beautiful.  The leaves are huge and they just cover the ground everywhere.  I did all my mini sessions this year right across the street from my home and they all turned out beautifully with all the amazing colors.

I met part of the Smart family when I did Ashton’s senior portraits.  She is gorgeous and her and her mom were so much fun to hang out with!  It was so fun meeting the rest of the family and it was such a pleasure for me to take their pictures.  


  1. Nitny says:

    Beautiful Tami! The colors are fabulous and what a beautiful family too :)

  2. cori henderson says:

    What a gorgeous family, and the pictures are perfect!

  3. Laura Bunker says:

    Gorgeous! Wonderful family.

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