The Davenport Family

Last weekend we drove to Utah to see our family. We were only there for 2 day’s just to go to my nephew, Zach’s mission farewell and to see my little niece, Navy get blessed. While I was there I took pictures of my sisters family. She really wanted a nice picture of all of them before Zach left on his mission for 2 years. We literally had to take these in like 20 min and I was so excited that so many turned out so good. It helps when you have such a good looking family! I love them and it was so fun taking their pictures, they were cracking me up the whole time! Maybe I should post some of the out takes too, hilarious!


  1. Laura Bunker says:

    Someone needs to tell these guys its time to look older than 30. Holy Cow, they look the same as they did 25 years ago.

  2. cori henderson says:

    I agree! Sheesh, what a beautiful family!!! Love these pics Tami!!

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